Former WWE star pays tribute to Vince McMahon


Former WWE star pays tribute to Vince McMahon

One of the historical moments par excellence of the entire history of WWF / E is certainly that linked to the 1997 edition of the ppv of the Survivor Series of the McMahon company, where the well-known Screwjob of Montreal was staged, where Bret Hart was stripped of his WWF world champion title, despite the fact that he had never actually lost his match against Shawn Michaels, with the referee of the contest calling HBK's submission to the Sharpshooter.

This sudden change of schedules, which forever changed the relationship between the Canadian and Vince McMahon, served WWE to ensure that The Hitman did not bring the most important title of the then WWF with him in WCW, after the athlete had already signed an agreement with the Turner family to step into the rings of the second most important company in America.

For many, this was the start of WWF's Attitude Era, which led the McMahon company to win the famous Monday night ratings war against WCW Monday Nitro, WWF's main rating opponent at the time.

EC3 praises Vince McMahon

After being released along with dozens and dozens of fellow athletes, the former NXT EC3 wanted to return to talk recently about his old Chairman Vince McMahon, with the former TNA world champion, who wanted to applaud after about 25 years the courage that Vince had at the Canadian Screwjob.

To the microphones of The Wrestling Otlaws, on the occasion of his last interview, EC3 said: "You have to respect that devil Vince, not for the fact in itself (the Screwjob in Montreal ed) but perhaps for knowing what would happen next.

He was there and faced everything, he welcomed him with his head held high." Dutch Mantell recently claimed that Vince McMahon possibly stopped caring about the product during his final months as WWE Chairman. Mantell added that Vince McMahon probably stopped giving a "cr*p" about anything during the end of his tenure since he might have been burnt out: "He [Triple H] took his time and turned it around.

Now it has so much positivity to it. And it just took a guy who understood the wrestling business and storytelling because I don't think Vince gave a cr*p. He was making his money, and he was, 'Hey, I'm on rest; you guys figure it out.

It's like an author writing the same books, and after a while, he's like, 'Hell, I can't just write no more. I don't even have the enthusiasm, the desire, I don't have the drive to write this stuff anymore, help me out.' And when they helped him out, he's like, 'I don't like this sh*t; get out of here,'" added Mantell.

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