Nick Aldis revealed a new career plan


Nick Aldis revealed a new career plan

The great wrestler, Nick Aldis, in a conversation with Sportskeeda revealed his plans for the future, and free agency is what he is focused on. “Free agency. That’s it, dude. I know it’s been suggested that there must be something else.

Truthfully, I want to explore free agency. I just want to be free of a contract and a certain brand commitment, a sort of branding of any kind for a minute and just see what comes next,”- Aldis said, as quoted by Aldis is focused on business and on developing his career in the best possible way.

“It was just time to move on, that’s all. I have businesses. I have Legacy Sports Nutrition and we have some other businesses that we are working on. As far as wrestling, at this point, I feel like I can deliver wherever.

I just love the business and I feel like I can contribute to a pretty high level. But at the same time, if I’m gonna spend time away from my son, and I’m gonna take bumps, I gotta be feeling it. It’s gotta be something that I’m passionate about.

I’ve gotta be feeling it. I’ve gotta feel like it’s going somewhere”.


A few days ago, in a conversation with "Notsam Wrestling," he talked about the reasons for the departure. “It moved away from what I had wanted it to be.

What it’s become now is not what I envisioned it to be, and certainly isn’t what I was laying the groundwork for it to be. It didn’t have the core values that I had tried to sort of maintain. Again, this was not a knock.

It was just me going, ‘This isn’t for me anymore.’ I wanted to do an alternative wrestling brand that represented all those things about the NWA that people missed in the current product, whether it be from sort of overproduction or from, you know, a different mentality or a different style.

Like, let’s give them all those things because I felt like there was a good portion of the audience, particularly in the south, who missed rasslin. That was it. Like I wanted it to be burgers and fries, red, white and blue rasslin because I love that stuff.

But it wasn’t because it was like I hate high spots and I hate sports entertainment. No, it wasn’t that. It was more like looking at it from a business point of view. Hey, there’s a gap in the market I think for this type of product.

When I had the influence to sort of make that happen, like you said, we steered everything toward that vision and it worked”.

Nick Aldis