WWE Hall of Famer defends Braun Strowman

A lot has changed in WWE after Vince McMahon's sensational farewell

by Simone Brugnoli
WWE Hall of Famer defends Braun Strowman

A lot has changed in WWE after Vince McMahon's sensational farewell. The latter decided to step aside last July, thanks to the advancing age and the heavy allegations of misconduct that fell on him and his right arm John Laurinaitis.

Vince's place was taken by his daughter Stephanie and Nick Khan, while Triple H became the new head of the creative team. The 14-time world champion had already made a name for himself at NXT and wanted to give his creative touch to the shows right away.

The Game brought some of NXT's talent to the main roster, as well as bringing back several stars who had been released during the pandemic. HHH even convinced Bray Wyatt, Johnny Gargano and Braun Strowman to get back into WWE, not forgetting JBL's very welcome return to Raw.

After defeating Omos at Crown Jewel, Strowman posted a series of comments on Twitter that made his colleagues and insiders turn up their noses.

Booker T comments on Braun Strowman

In the latest edition of the 'Hall of Fame' podcast, Booker T broke a lance in favor of Braun Strowman: “Braun's comments have generated a myriad of controversies on the web and some took it, but it doesn't seem like a question to me.

so bad. I think Strowman and Omos should be applauded, because they did a great job at Crown Jewel. Braun is in excellent shape and wants to fully express his talent in his second WWE experience ”. Former WWE manager Dutch Mantell is not of the same opinion: “Strowman's words risk ruining his relationship with other wrestlers and damaging WWE.

People don't go out and buy gadgets from athletes they dislike. That ugly 'release' from Braun could also affect product sales and merchandising in general. Let's hope Strowman has learned his lesson and that he behaves differently next time." According to Mike Johnson of PW Insider Elite, Braun Strowman has been negligent about showing up on time and has a reputation for leaving early: "One of the things I heard from multiple people and we’re talking 4 different people was that there are times where Strowman is negligent when it comes to showing up on time.

He has a reputation at times for leaving a little early and sometimes makes mistakes in terms of etiquette in the backstage scene and the locker room and is sometimes as one person put it, ‘His own worst enemy’ and ‘His worst advocate.' "

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