Is Kevin Owens ready to return?

Kevin Owens is a former Universal Champion and has had a lot of focus on him

by Simone Brugnoli
Is Kevin Owens ready to return?

According to reports from several fans a few days ago, who were present at the WWE November 13 event, or last Sunday, in Madison, Wisconsin, it seems that Kevin Owens fell incorrectly on his right knee in his match. and he seemed to be very sore, right up to the end of the fight, as well as as he walked backstage.

As reported by the Ringside News site, in fact: "News emerges from Madison's WWE live event, Kevin Owens slammed his right knee and appears to be very sore. He was helped by the referees in the post-match to return to the backstage, with the feud over shortly.

This may or may not be legitimate. But it's still sad. Hopefully Kevin Owens is well and only needed the referee's help for this event. There doesn't seem to have been any commercials where he could get himself so badly in the dispute."

New details on Kevin Owens

Apparently, WWE has big plans for its Prizefighter, with Kevin Owens joining forces with the Brawling Brutes and Drew McIntyre against the full Bloodline in Survivor Series: War Games, thus making up the main event inside the cages made to become famous by WCW athletes in the 90s.

As reported by the latest updates of the PW Insider site, in fact: "We are told that at the moment, Owens is slated to be at tonight's Smackdown tapings and the ones that lead directly to the 11/26 Survivor Series." In practice, the small injury that would have hit the Canadian of the WWE in the leg would have already been resolved or in any case the athlete could easily fight even when injured, given that in less than a week his situation would seem to have been resolved.

We will see in this night's episode of Smackdown if we will also see the Prizefighter return to Smackdown and above all how the athlete will slip into the Bloodline storyline against the European athletes who last week gave him a lot of trouble already outnumbered.

While Owens did not announce a date of return, he mentioned that he will soon feature on the flagship show once again. "I know I haven't been on RAW in a couple of weeks. You know I was actually reading on Twitter, the social media thing and a lot of people seem to miss me, it's very nice.

I appreciate it. Some people don't miss me. People are very happy I'm not there. Good for them! Most people seem to miss me and it's very, very nice. I really appreciate it. I'm sure I'll be back soon."

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