Finn Balor believes he is underestimated

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Finn Balor believes he is underestimated
Finn Balor believes he is underestimated

One of the most memorable moments of the WWE red show was Finn Balor's sensational entry into Judgment Day, during the Monday Night Raw live broadcast a few months ago, with the stable heel of the McMahon flagship show introducing its latest member, receiving the welcome from the then leader Edge, confirming his official entry into the stable of Raw's villains.

After a short promo, in which Balor had confirmed that he was tired of being in the shadow of characters like AJ Styles, the unthinkable had happened, however, with the whole stable that had backfired against its initial leader, Edge, with the three remaining wrestlers who had started hitting the Rated R Superstar, first in the ring and then outside of it as well.

All this ended with a devastating con-chair-to, which had kept Edge away from the scene for weeks, as foreseen, however, also by his contract, with a long pause that also served to sell this attack / betrayal to the best.

After a long feud, the two eventually clashed in the Extreme Rules ring as well, with Edge and Finn Balor finishing their feud in an I Quit match, with Balor using his wife from the WWE Hall of Famer. Beth Phoenix, to make the Canadian lose.

We haven't heard from Edge since then, with the legendary Rated R Superstar returning to rest at home and Balor continuing to work on-screen with his Judgment Day.

Finn Balor is a WWE veteran

As happens very often on the WWE social pages, every now and then some questions dedicated to fans of the WWE Universe appear, to which the supporters of the Stamford company must answer.

This time around, WWE wanted to ask its fans who is the most underrated wrestler or wrestler of all in WWE at the moment, with fans starting to answer the question with the most disparate answers. To leave the fans to roll their eyes, however, we thought about Finn Balor, who wanted to retweet the question of the WWE, replying: "It's me".

In fact, although Balor has won several titles in his career at Stamford, including the NXT Championship, the Universal title on his debut or the US one, in the last period the athlete would not have had very big first level feuds, with the fans who have been shouting aloud for months to see him in some first-rate company feud.

Who knows that thanks to Judgment Day, Finn Balor will not be able to return to compete for the main event of the main roster?

Finn Balor

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