The Rock has a lot of fake followers


The Rock has a lot of fake followers

One of the most important matches that WWE seems to want to build in its immediate future is the clash between cousins ​​of Samoan origin, The Rock and Roman Reigns, both descendants of the Anoa'i family tree and both absolute Superstars of the world of wrestling.

In recent years, The Rock has focused solely and exclusively on his acting career, with the former WWE Champion wanting to leave wrestling, returning only from time to time to the McMahon family rings. The Rock has in fact become after years of sacrifice the highest paid Hollywood actor in the world, with his films that sometimes engage him all year round, for whole months, coming to appear during the calendar year, even in 6 or 7 different films.

In his career, The Rock has faced the most disparate opponents, from The Undertaker to Stone Cold Steve Austin, passing through Hulk Hogan and Triple H, but having remained little in the rings of the McMahon family, many other athletes have not had the opportunity to to be able to challenge him, such as the WWE Hall of Famer DDP, also known as Diamond Dallas Page, historic WCW athlete, who in his last interview asked for a match against the Great One.

Backstage news on The Rock

Apparently, in addition to having numerous successes in the world of cinema and making very high numbers in terms of revenues and his experiences on video, The Rock would also have another first on social networks.

The now former WWE athlete, in fact, has the highest number of fake followers in the entire pro-wrestling world. Faced with its 16 million and 700 thousand followers, from an analysis made by special companies that deal with social media, we learn that 7'385'985 profiles are fake and therefore fictitious.

But the list of Superstars with this "problem" on social networks is really long. Let's go through just a few of the most important names that are followed by fake accounts: 1 - The Rock n ° followers 16'700'000 - fake account 7'385'985 2 - Rey Mysterio n ° followers 2'300'000 - fake account 1'050'456 3 - Roman Reigns n ° followers 4'800'00 - fake account 1'965'131 4 - Sheamus n ° followers 4'700'00 - fake account 1'942'932 5 - Hulk Hogan n ° followers 2'200'000 - fake account 806'585.

Due to these very high numbers of fake accounts, these Superstars could over the next few weeks see their social audience even almost halved, in some cases, because important social networks, such as Instagram, are deleting all these fictitious accounts, which do not they therefore correspond to real people.

The one that could receive the biggest backlash would therefore be The Rock, which would lose as many as 44% of its followers, followed by Roman Reigns who would lose 41%. On the other hand, Sheamus closes the podium, which would have faced a loss of 40% of followers.

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