Brock Lesnar makes an incredible revelation

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Brock Lesnar makes an incredible revelation

Brock Lesnar is certainly one of the greatest wrestlers of the last twenty years in WWE, so much so that his excellent results could lead him to join the federation's Hall of Fame one day. However, The Beast Incarnate doesn't seem to care that much about it.

There are numerous successes he has achieved and great moments of him, from his debut to his legendary feud with The Undertaker which saw him end the phenomenal streak of the Deadman. Lesnar has had a career that very few can hope to match with two Royal Rumble Match wins but also seven WWE titles and three Universal titles on the showcase.

Brock Lesnar is a WWE legend

During an appearance on 'The Pat McAfee Show', Brock Lesnar talked about his threatening on-screen character but also some fans' perception that he doesn't really care about wrestling. The Beast explained that, even though he's always motivated when he steps into the ring, that's where it all ends and he doesn't really think about his legacy: “I don't really care, if I'm to be honest about all these kinds of things.

For example, I don't even give a damn whether or not I'm in the Hall of Fame. I did what I did. He doesn't care and I don't care what legacy he's leaving behind now. What interests me is, you know, that I'm a good person, a good father and all these things that are much more important than recognition of this kind.

This is important to me. The fact of Mount Rushmore and other things like that don't make sense to me. This is a business to make money and that's it." In his book "Death Clutch, My Story of Determination, Domination ad Survival", Brock Lesnar has revealed why the dagger tattooed on his chest.

For the wrestler it represents the most complicated times. The former Universal champion was recently in action at Crown Jewel 2022, where he defeated Bobby Lashley but it is now unclear he will be back in the ring again. As per Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer, there is definitely something in the works for Austin's return match.

However, it is being kept a secret for now. ''Austin vs. Lesnar would be gigantic business wise but I’d be more trepidatious on that one, but it’s not like the two of them don’t have great respect for each other.' ' The match between the two never happened, as Stone Cold retired from in-ring action soon after.