Cody Rhodes' WWE return is not very close

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Cody Rhodes' WWE return is not very close

Cody Rhodes left everyone speechless by returning to WWE after a full six years of absence. His appearance on WrestleMania 38 shocked fans and insiders alike, considering 'The American Nightmare' was one of the founders of All Elite Wrestling in 2019.

The 37-year-old from Marietta immediately proved to be one of the best performers around, taking away the whim of beating a champion like Seth Rollins on more than one occasion. The former AEW star also revealed that he plans to become world champion soon.

His positive moment ended on the eve of Hell in a Cell, as Rhodes suffered a tear in his pectoral muscle. That didn't stop Cody from stepping into the ring, but according to many doctors that effort made the situation worse.

High-grade pectoral muscles take six to nine months to fully heal. Although Rhodes is doing everything to forge ahead, a certain date has not yet been set for his return.

Cody Rhodes must have patience

According to Dave Meltzer, a well-known correspondent of the 'Wrestling Observer', Cody Rhodes could be kept in the pits until the Royal Rumble 2023: "A date has not yet been set for his return, also because it is a very delicate injury.

WWE originally planned to bring him back on Day 1, but then the event was canceled. We will hardly see him in the ring again before the Royal Rumble 2023 ”. Recently, former WWE star Bryan Clark said that Cody will become world champion in the future: "Cody has not yet returned from injury and fans are looking forward to seeing him again in the ring.

Evidently it was not a minor injury, even the images were merciless. For me he will become world champion in the future. The public welcomed him in a fabulous way at WrestleMania 38 and it shows that he has matured a lot since his first experience in WWE.

He learned a lot during his time in AEW”. Former AEW TNT Champion and current WWE Superstar Cody Rhodes has commented on which performers from AEW are likely to jump ship to WWE. "I would only give somebody honest advice.

That might be right for somebody. This was right for me. I don't know when the first...I think I know who those people will be because there are certain people who fit this 'superstar mode,' I think I know how the types might be and when they ask, I'm going to give them the best advice I possibly can.

I can say though, that the schedule here, at the least the schedule I had the first time, is not for the non-committed," said Cody.