What were the original plans for The Shield's split?

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What were the original plans for The Shield's split?

The Shield was one of the most successful stables to have appeared in WWE in the modern era. Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns began working together in November 2012 and their partnership has been the fruit of countless awards and victories until June 2014.

Following the disbandment of the faction, all three became world champions and wrote memorable pages of wrestling history. Reigns literally took off, to become the symbol of Stamford's company and the true heir of John Cena.

The first signs of his imminent explosion of him had already been seen at the Royal Rumble 2014, when he had eliminated as many as 12 Superstars, beating Kane's previous record. After years with the WWE, however, Dean Ambrose decided to take a different path, awaiting the expiration of his last contract and moving on to competitor All Elite Wrestling, with the name of Jon Moxley, where he was also one of the longest-lived world champions of the federation, as well as the current absolute champion of the company.

Seth Rollins reveals true close-ups for The Shield

In his interview with the WWE Hall of Famer microphones Stone Cold Steve Austin, in the WWE column The Broken Skull Sessions, Seth Rollins wanted to tell what were the close-ups that saw The Shield's stable separate, saying: "What happened was that they wanted us to separate as early as January (2014 ed), or even December.

They wanted to take Ambrose and Roman to Wrestlemania 30 in New Orleans. I had to stay out. Maybe with a special referee or something. And I said to them 'Are you kidding?' They wanted us to break up between us after they made us do a turn face.

We objected, saying 'No. What are you doing? We're not ready yet, we still have a whole babyface run to do.' There was also a lot of merchandise money involved. We went to Hunter and talked about it and ended up having a deal to take on the Outlaws and Kane at Wrestlemania, which was then cut short, with a glorious squash match because people like Austin, The Rock and Hulk Hogan, talked for 35 minutes and then there was Daniel Bryan and Hunter who were out there for another 35 minutes.

You know how these things go, me ** a comes down the hill. We had 90 seconds to go out and do something. So, we had two matches with Evolution, no turn, no breakup, nobody said anything. We passed the rag with Evolution, it was a clean elimination match. Then we went back to the office and they said 'tonight is the night'"