Rhea Ripley is ready to return

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Rhea Ripley is ready to return

During the penultimate episode of Monday Night Raw, which aired on USA Network television screens, in the ring of the red show there was yet another face to face between the roster champion Bianca Belair and her colleagues/partners Alexa Bliss and Asuka and the three of Damage CTRL, after Dakota Kai and IYO SKY won their tag team champion titles at Crown Jewel.

After a heated debate between the six athletes, complete with a curtain all in Japanese between Asuka and Sky, all the contenders began to fight, with Bianca Belair who in the end, once made a clean sweep of the ring, launched her challenge to the enemies for Survivor Series War Games, right in the WWE cage of the same name.

Not even the time to start the challenge, which Nikki Cross then intervened in the ring attacking the faces and bringing the number of heels to four and therefore in numerical superiority compared to the three "good" ones.

The following week then we learned that Mia Yim would be joining the faces, while the heels were also joined by Rhea Ripley, who already has experience in this type of contest having faced it at NXT. But now, while the heel team is complete, the face team still remains without a member, which was not revealed even tonight at SmackDown, we should wait for Raw.

What's next for Rhea Ripley?

A commercial during yesterday's November 18 episode of SmackDown confirmed that Rhea Ripley will face Asuka in the War Games Advantage Match on Monday on Raw. The meeting had actually already been announced on November 14, but without communicating the participants.

The two Superstars will represent their respective enemy teams in the War Games and the one who wins will gain the advantage of the order of entry into the War Games Match at the WWE Survivor Series. This is Rhea Ripley's first match not in a live event, but on television, after months of being injured.

Will she be able to defeat Asuka to give her advantage to her team? Speaking on the latest edition of WWE's The Bump, Rhea Ripley shed some light on her equation with the former SmackDown Tag Team Champion: "Wouldn't you like to know? Wouldn't everyone like to know? My relationship with Dominik is something that I keep with Dominik.

I'm not gonna go in-depth with it. But I see a lot in him, as we all do. I could see that Rey was taking advantage of him and not really giving them the spotlight that he really deserves, where he can blossom and just take charge of his own life.

Like he said, he was in his father's shadow and he couldn't get out, so we gave him that opportunity."

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