Bret Hart Speaks About Vince McMahon’s Directive After Winning Title

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Bret Hart Speaks About Vince McMahon’s Directive After Winning Title

Bret Hart is regarded by many as one of the best wrestlers that ever performed for the WWE/WWF. Bret has faced some of WWE’s best stars of all time. He also helped build plenty of stars and was known for his incredible work ethic.

Bret actually spoke to wrestlers about how to work during a match and actually wanted to do the best for the fans.

Bret Hart Talks About How He Had to Change How He Operated After Winning

Even though many people remember the Montreal Screwjob, they do not know about how Vince treated Bret before the Screwjob.

Bret recently revealed that Vince actually supported Bret when he won his first Wwf title in 1992. This was five years before the Screwjob. Bret spoke about what Vince told him when he first won the title in 1992 when he appeared on The Ringer.

"When I became champion, Vince gave me a lecture on it one time, saying, 'You're the champion. You call the shots. No one tells you how to wrestle. You're the guy that tells everyone else how to wrestle.' And I made that my new rule," Hart said.

According to Bret, that completely changed the way he normally operated. Bret first always used to take the idea of his opponents into account. For a long time up until that, I always had to incorporate some other wrestler's ideas into my match to make him happy," he continued.

"Now I could tell people, 'No, we're not going to do that idea. We're going to cancel that because it doesn't make any sense, but we're going to do this instead.' And nobody would argue with me anymore." Hart stated that he actually became known as a guy who went into great detail after he won the title for the first time.

He believes that he now gets appreciated for the passion and focus that he put into professional wrestling all those years ago. "I think my matches hold up better than any wrestlers that I can think of," Bret Hart said. "I was a perfectionist in the ring and I was an innovator ...

I'm always in the right spot at the right time. The timing and the ability to be a great wrestler have often been misunderstood or underappreciated. We don't get credit for being great athletes and we don't get credit for being great actors when in fact we're probably a combination of them both in full motion."

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