MJF talks about 'being a heel'

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MJF talks about 'being a heel'

Mjf has shown many times how passionate he is about wrestling, and that it is his greatest love. It is incredible with how much energy MJF performs and gives his maximum. “It hurt every time because I’m not just in pro wrestling, pro wrestling is my life,” MJF said, as quoted by pwmania.com “This is what I eat, sleep, live and breathe by.

I could cry just talking about this. I care about pro wrestling more than anyone has in the history of the business and I can say that with a straight face because it’s the God’s honest truth. There’s a reason that every single time I go out there it’s incredible TV.

It’s because I obsess over this shit. This is my life. This is all I care about, OK, outside of making millions of dollars. I love this shit”.

MJF on "being a heel"

Being a heel is not easy sometimes. The fans will not welcome you the way you want.

Things are completely different for you than for others, but it is precisely this role that makes you stronger. MJF has no problem with that, and it just shows how mentally strong he is, and what goals he has. “Being anything other than myself, fully authentically, doesn’t interest me.

I am who I am,” he said. “People will react to me the way they want to react to me. That’s megastar shit. That’s John Cena shit. That’s Rock shit. That’s [Hulk] Hogan shit. There were times in their career when they would come through that curtain and they got the loudest boo and there were times where they came through that curtain and they got the loudest cheer.

That’s what I bring to the table. Think people need to stop worrying about fake bullshit labels and just enjoy this ride because I’m over as shit and it is fun”.