Is Bray Wyatt ready to show his stable?

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Is Bray Wyatt ready to show his stable?

Just a few weeks ago, we saw Uncle Howdy become a reality, with the long-rumored masked character making his debut with a promo in front of Stamford's federation cameras, while Wyatt did his in front of the audience. Among the theories about who is behind the mask of Uncle Howdy there are the most disparate names, including that of Bray Wyatt's brother, Bo Dallas.

The week after, however, in the next episode of the blue show, a new character was still spotted during the promo of the former Universal Champion, but this time it was a woman. During the usual Bray Wyatt backstage promo, the former world champion himself started talking about the constant interruptions he suffered over the weeks, while a backstage worker interrupted Wyatt as he spoke and dangerously avoided being savagely beaten.

because Wyatt saw images, which were also sent on video. Thanks to watching these images, Wyatt stopped and the backstage worker apologized to the wrestler. Among these images, then, a woman on video clearly appeared, who had nothing to do with the WWE, which left the fans dumbfounded for days, waiting to understand the meaning of these images.

Does Bray Wyatt already have a new stable ready?

As we saw during tonight's episode, there appear to have been several individuals who aided Bray Wyatt in his attack on the LA Knight, with the former NXT being found passed out under several backstage objects by some road agents and insiders.

Wyatt was in fact framed several times while talking animatedly with someone in the backstage and was also filmed while the Usos and Karrion Kross in the company of his wife Scarlett were doing their promo behind the scenes of the episode, behind them.

That Bray Wyatt has his famous "Wyatt 6" ready, with the storyline of the characters of the Firefly Fun House who have become "human", who could soon appear on stage as his allies? We just have to wait for the next episodes of the blue show and understand if Wyatt was really helped by someone in the flesh or if once again he used his supernatural powers to get the better of Knight.

Providing an update on the situation, Xero News on Twitter stated that while there is no confirmation on the duo re-signing with WWE, the company has been in constant communication with both Dallas and Rowan. "Erick Rowan and Bo Dallas have been in touch with WWE as of recent, I cannot confirm they have signed yet but I was told talks have progressed well and Wyatt wants them both involved in his story."

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