Is Emma starting a romantic storyline?


Is Emma starting a romantic storyline?

During the episode aired on the night of October 28 last of Friday Night Smackdown, the much-rumored Emma (who since 24 hours before the show was expected to peep into the ring of the blue show in the open challege launched by Ronda Rousey as returning), with Matt Cardona's ex-girlfriend alias Zack Ryder, who challenged the champion of the blue show, the Baddest Woman on the Planet, to a titled match.

To win the open challenge set up by the champion was Ronda herself, who made Emma give up quickly, with her devastating and deadly Armbar. Thus began with a burning defeat Emma's second stint with the McMahons, with the girl who had already been estranged from WWE years ago when she was accused of theft, for having stupidly stolen a phone cover, worth a few dollars, some year ago.

We hope that the athlete is done with these "badass" and that she has put her head right, with the female WWE roster buying a new great athlete to be able to include in its staff for the near future.

What's next for Emma?

Already last week, we had seen a backstage segment between Emma and Shotzi Blackheart at Smackdown, with the re-entrant asking the green-haired girl if she had accidentally seen Madcap Moss around.

We remember how Emma and Moss are really engaged in real life and therefore now the WWE seems to want to bring this relationship also in the storylines of the federation. As reported by the well-known Sean Ross Sapp, of the Fightful site, in fact, it would seem that the WWE wants to support Emma and Madcap Moss in a storyline to be brought to the scene, with the athlete who would accompany her boyfriend in her matches in the coming months.

A new romantic storyline then begins for the WWE, with Emma being immediately stuck in some side project, just like when she left the company, because she could not emerge in the upper female titles. Splitting up the Kurt Angle-led collective was the easier option for WWE, as Charlie Haas speculated below while speaking to Steve Fall for "We heard that the Team Angle thing was getting so h*t on SmackDown.

You've got to remember what was really h*t on the other show, Evolution. So, we heard that maybe it was getting too close to what was going on over there. Maybe it was competition; that's what we heard because they didn't split Evolution; they split us."