Triple H has tons of ideas for the future

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Triple H has tons of ideas for the future

As has been well known for some time now, Triple H is in command of the WWE Creative Team, after the sudden farewell of Vince Mcmahon. Since he took over the command of WWE, The Game has had the opportunity to bring big news and changes within the federation: one above all is certainly the next Premium Live Event, or Survivor Series - War Games.

Yet in the past Triple H has tried to involve NXT a little more in the Main Roster shows, namely RAW and Smackdown. In 2019, the Triple, under the command of NXT, "invaded" first RAW and then SmackDown, launching the challenge to the two main shows for Survivor Series 2019, where in the end it was the black gold show that came out victorious from the PLE.

Triple H is ambitious

During his own podcast Oh You Didn't Know, WWE Road Senior Vice President Dogg revealed that at the time Paul Levesque (real name of Triple H, ed) proposed to bring the War Games to the Survivor Series, given the success achieved in the two years prior to NXT, getting a firm no from the then president Vince McMahon: "Yes, look, he always wanted to do it, he had it in mind, and that's why we started doing it at NXT.

But yeah, he wanted to do it in the Series too. It wasn't time yet. And so I don't disagree with that, I don't remember if we'd had one or two at NXT. But I saw that Hunter liked that match a lot more than Vince. And thinking about it Vince probably thought, and rightly among other things, that this match is very reminiscent of Hell in a Cell, putting him in an awkward situation as well.

As if you couldn't have these two neighbors because they are both two matches in a huge cage after all how do you promote and maintain were one or the other special? It was therefore an internal conflict. But yeah, Hunter always thought WarGames was a great idea, you know, one of Dusty's creations that was great.

And he wanted to carry it on. So yeah, he always had that idea." During a recent WWE press conference in Las Vegas for Crown Jewel, Triple H said Logan Paul has earned his respect. "Logan was totally different. Logan was a guy that came in, talked to us about it, and as soon as we talked to him about doing something, man he started to put in the work...

When I saw him in the ring for the first time, he blew my mind. I saw him do it again, after that blew my mind. This is the guy as I said earlier earned my respect. In this business, I do not give my respect very easily."

Triple H