Raquel Rodriguez is in favor of the name change

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Raquel Rodriguez is in favor of the name change

The WWE is not new to the name changes for the athletes present in the federation: it has often happened that the Stamford company removed the name, as happened in Austin Theory, which later became Theory only, or Antonio Cesaro who later became Cesaro.

Other times the company led by Triple H has directly changed the surname, as recently happened to Raquel Rodriguez, known to NXT with the name Raquel Gonzalez. Not only that, but in 2017, the strong 31-year-old athlete debuted in an NXT Live Event under her real name, Victoria Gonzalez.

A few months later, her name was changed back by WWE to Reina Gonzalez, eventually leading to current Raquel. In short, in a few months Raquel changed her name twice but once called on the main roster (SmackDown), she had to deal with a third name change, being called definitively in Raquel Rodriguez.

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Interviewed on Fox 61, Raquel Rodriguez talked about her various name changes, which the fans didn't like very much but which is absolutely fine with her: "I think it has a lot to do with the logistics and, you know, the WWE owns the image of Raquel Rodriguez and the name of Raquel Rodriguez.

So, this is really a decision they made that depended a lot on the ownership of the federation itself. I mean, if you go back to my NXT career, I had the name Reina, I had the name Raquel Gonzalez, with my last name, and then now we're on Raquel Rodriguez which is great because my biggest concern was keeping my Hispanic heritage strong and my representation strong.

So for me the change is just fine. name, as long as my Hispanic identity is maintained." So Raquel Rodriguez seems to have gladly accepted her name change, given the respect that WWE had in maintaining the Hispanic identity that the former NXT Women 's Champion strongly wanted for her ring name.

When asked about the possibility of WWE introducing a secondary singles championship for the women, Rodriguez was entirely on board with that idea. "I think that would be something so great for the women's division especially because we have so much diversity in the women's division," Raquel Rodriguez said.

"We have women from all over the world, from all over the country, from different backgrounds, different ethnicities. I think having an Intercontinental Championship, having a North American Championship for the women would be something that would be just a huge leap forward for the women's division in wrestling in general."

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