Wrestling veteran comments on Bray Wyatt


Wrestling veteran comments on Bray Wyatt

In the last two episodes of SmackDown we have seen how Bray Wyatt began to have a confrontation with other wrestlers, in this case with the LA Knight. In the last episode we saw how the former WWE Champion was slapped by the late Max Dupri, then mysteriously knocked out in the backstage and practically buried by objects of all kinds, such as chairs, scaffolding, bins and other props.

Dutch Mantell on Bray Wyatt

During the latest edition of Sportskeeda's SmackTalk, former WWE manager Dutch Mantell explained what he thinks WWE should have done in that segment of an angry, wide-eyed Bray Wyatt: What I didn't like was when they got very close to Bray Wyatt's eyes at the end and then moved on to the commentary table with Wade Barrett and Michael Cole in disbelief at what they had seen.

They should have left it there, getting closer and closer to Wyatt's eyes and then go to commercials. By doing so you would not have broken that spell that was created at that moment, but unfortunately they did not and it is a real shame." Barring the half misstep at the end of the segment, Dutch Mantell went on to talk about Wyatt, appreciating his work with the former Universal Champion: “The part I liked the most was Bray Wyatt's, and it was really compelling to watch.

It was slow and no comment. I like it because the fans themselves are given time to think. I thought it was really, really good. I liked it. The worst thing they could have done is make him do something physical because, I mean, it's not Bray Wyatt's style, because he has to work alone, he has to play with the opponent's mind.

Now we see that he's working himself in his frame of mind, and he's going to a different realm. The physical confrontation would have ruined everything a bit." On his To Be The Man podcast on AdFreeShows, Flair said he was pleased to see Wyatt back in the ring.

"Well, talking about Bray [Wyatt], I'm happy he's back. I think he's an extremely talented guy. I never understood why he was gone, to begin with. I'm glad he's back, I think he's very talented and, like I said, one of the classiest guys you'll meet in the business today," said Flair. The Nature Boy also spoke about the backstage controversy surrounding his son-in-law Andrade El Idolo.

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