New details on Sami Zayn's current status

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New details on Sami Zayn's current status

By now Sami Zayn has joined the Bloodline on a permanent basis and also in the hearts of all the fans who, despite being a heel, are cheered by most of the audience present in the arenas and also by fans from home. In addition, the Canadian has become increasingly important for the entire storyline of the stable commanded by Tribal Chief Roman Reigns, even if every now and then his exuberance is not well seen by Jey Uso, who still does not trust the Honorary Uce.

His release a few episodes ago of SmackDown was famous, where Sami Zayn tried to calm the waters between Jey Uso and Roman Reigns (with the first who didn't care about the thought of the second, ed) explaining that the undisputed champion of the couple did not Ucey felt quite enough, with the Bloodline members breaking up their character on live television due to the exhilarating quote from the former intercontinental champion.

Backstage news on Sami Zayn

It was thought that it could end there, but apparently because of Sami Zayn, they can no longer hold back even a small smile. In the latest episode of SmackDown, Zayn and the Usos were talking about the War Games and the fifth member of their opponents, when the Canadian left to prepare for the match against Butch for the SmackDown World Cup.

After a few moments, however, the former champion Intercontinental went back to do his usual handshake with Jimmy Uso, telling him "You know that thing we talked about earlier? I'll tell you later, my Dawg." All seasoned by a Jey Uso behind the two who, not holding back his laughter, had to cover his mouth and had to turn several times to try to stay as much as possible within his own character.

The Honorary Uce took to Twitter and posted a message that translates to "we belong to Allah, and to Him, we shall return." Sami followed it up with another message asking fans to consider donating to his charity. "If you’ve enjoyed my work these past few months with #TheBloodline [or are just feeling Ucey] please consider donating to," tweeted Sami Zayn.

Wrestling veteran Dutch Mantell suggested that the storyline with Sami Zayn and The Bloodline will last until WrestleMania next year. "You haven't seen him all that much. I mean, we saw McIntyre, we saw Sheamus, and we saw all that.

So there's nothing really to pop for but Kevin Owens with the heat or with the tension with Sami Zayn and it's a perfect way to pull it off. They got their heads around that because they expect this angle between Owens and Sami to go a while. It's not gonna go three weeks and over, it might go too much."

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