Ric Flair releases a cryptic message

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Ric Flair releases a cryptic message

On July 31, 2022, fans were able to see Ric Flair in the ring alongside his son-in-law Andrade "El Idolo" against Jeff Jarrett and Jay Lethal, with the Nature Boy returning to the ring at the ripe old age of 73, after months in which advertised his last career match.

The four put on a great show in Nashville the night after SummerSlam, which aired from the same city. Several wrestling legends such as The Undertaker, Mick Foley and Bret Hart attended the last match of the Nature Boy. The 16-time WWE and WCW World Champion and Andrade managed to take home the victory by sending the audience into raptures.

Despite a few moments of apprehension during the contest, Flair recovered quickly enough and did not experience any lasting physical problems after the match. After the contest, Ric Flair also confirmed that he passed out twice in the ring, after taking a bad blow to the back, with the legendary wrestler taking several minutes to regain consciousness and to understand where he was and why, with the son-in-law who was very worried about his health, especially at the end of the match, when the legendary Ric did not get off the mat.

Ric Flair is a WWE Hall of Famer

Just a few hours ago, the two-time WWE Hall of Famer of the Stamford company wanted to post a particular photo on his Twitter profile, with an equally peculiar caption. In the photo we can admire one of the phases of the last match played by Ric Flair in WWE, or that of his first retirement, which took place at Wrestlemania 24 against Shawn Michaels.

In that context, Ric Flair went to lose the match, with the stipulation of the same that provided for his definitive retirement from the world of pro-wrestling, but it was not so, with Ric Flair who began to fight again a few months later in TNA.

But let's see what Ric writes as a caption to this photo: "Winners never give up and whoever gives up never wins! WOOOOOO! "With this sentence that left his fans quite dumbfounded, the mythical Nature Boy wanted to leave everyone quite amazed, since the relationship with HBK has always been excellent in WWE.

What did Ric mean with this sentence? chance to see him back in the ring shortly, so as not to consider him a quitter? Former WWE Spanish language commentator Hugo Savinovich says Andre The Giant's heavy alcohol intake could almost be matched by Ric Flair.

"Andre the Giant was very close with one of my brothers, Frenchy Martin, or Pierre Martel in Puerto Rico. He could go a trip from San Juan to Ponce, drink a whole case of the local beer, and then go from the local beer into wine. One of the nicest guys."

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