Jamie Noble returns to the ring

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Jamie Noble returns to the ring

Jamie Noble, whose real name is James Howard Gibson, was a pupil of Dean Malenko and began his career in 1999 at WCW as one of the h*ttest lightweights of that year. The athlete was in WWE from 2002 to 2004, fought at SmackDown where he also became the Cruiserweight Champion, having multiple feuds with very important figures in the industry.

He later passed through the Ring of Honor (where he became world champion) and then returned to WWE, where he has been a road agent since 2009 and also had on-screen projects, such as Seth Rollins' bodyguard, in his period.

alongside Triple H. In fact, he had a return of popularity in 2014, becoming a henchman of the Authority together with Joey Mercury, mainly acting as a bodyguard to Rollins as a member of J & J Security. He will turn 46 in December.

All this to make you understand well hi is Jamie Noble, who will soon return to the WWE rings, to play one last great match after 11 years of inactivity from the rings of the McMahon company.

Jamie Noble announces his return

With a long message posted on his Instagram account, the WWE road agent wanted to communicate to his fans that he will return to fight in a WWE ring match, in a live event in his hometown.

In fact, Jamie Noble writes in the message: "It's official!!! On December 11 at the Charleston Civic Center, in Charleston, WV. I will fight in my last possible match with the greatest company ever, WWE. It has been a tough 11 years since I was forced out of the ring.

Now I have another opportunity in front of my people, in my state and in front of my family! I promise that I will come out as a winner or at least I will come out on the shields giving the best performance I can give. Any support that comes will be appreciated on the show to let me know that I can still go!

Thank you all!!! May God bless you and West Virginia." Kid Kash recently recalled how Vince McMahon initially viewed his short-lived tag team with Jamie Noble in WWE. “From the time Vince McMahon put us together as a tag team, his very words were like, ‘You two remind me of two f***ing dogs, and that’s the way I want you to wrestle,’” Kash said.

“He goes, ‘I want you to beat the s**t out of everybody you work, and if they have a problem with it, they can come see me.’ Those were his exact words”.