Drew McIntyre reveals a wrestling secret

Drew McIntyre has been in the WWE Title picture for over a year now

by Simone Brugnoli
Drew McIntyre reveals a wrestling secret

During the episode of Smackdown that aired last Friday, Sheamus made his return to the rings of the blue show, showing up during the talking segment of the Bloodline, with the thirst for revenge that immediately triggered a fight between the full Bloodline and the Brawling Brutes team.

To get to give support to the Europeans, Sheamus' long-time friend, Drew McIntyre, who went to attack the Samoans, allying himself with Ridge Holland, Butch and the Celtic Warrior. Eventually, with several references to war and thus to the word "WAR", WWE ended this chaotic segment.

In view of the next big ppv of the company, or the last Big Four of the year, Survivor Series War Games, it seemed that this could be one of the other matches inside the cages seen until recently at NXT, with this 4 vs 4 which could therefore have been one of the most exciting contests of the ppv, but the arrival of Kevin Owens in the episode the following Friday, has inserted a new component in the match, with the complete Bloodline on one side and all the Europeans plus the Canadian on the other.

Drew McIntyre surprised everyone

It is nothing new in the world of pro-wrestling, which sees athletes talking during segments and angles, as well as during matches. The wrestlers, in fact, to coordinate better, speak in a low voice among themselves, so as to literally "call" the moves and the beginning or the end of some segments, in order not to run into botch or blunders.

The strange thing, however, is that in WWE they are so good that they never notice anything, with the athletes talking to each other and never heard by the fans. Except this time. In the Smackdown segment of two Fridays ago, in fact, while Drew McIntyre was going to take it with the Bloodline, at one point Roman Reigns intervened, with the Scotsman who asked Solo Dikoa, while he was beating him on the corner, if the Tribal Chief had already arrived, so that he could turn around and finish his action in the ring.

This little curtain was filmed by a WWE camera that in that precise context, evidently, was too close to the former WWE Champion, with the sentence that was fully filmed and that you can clearly hear in the video posted below.

The phrase that is clearly heard is "Is ho out yet?" or "Is it already out?", with Drew who thus revealed one of the secrets of wrestling that is almost never known, except after years of live shows or framing errors as in this case.

Drew Mcintyre