Jim Cornette calls out Braun Strowman: He can't give advice

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Jim Cornette calls out Braun Strowman: He can't give advice

Jim Cornette commented on Braun Strowman and his moves on social media. “And here’s the thing, Braun, Brown, Mr. Strongman. He’s been in the news lately, as we mentioned at the top of the program, another guy not because of what he’s doing on television, but because behind the scenes.

Because now everybody is saying he has nuclear molten magma level heat with the locker room, with all the guys, because he keeps tweeting. What was it he tweeted last week? Yeah. All these flippy floppy guys doing their flips and everything and then the strong man comes in and makes all the money or some sh*t.

And the criticism may be valid, but the source is not. Because yes, we talk about all these guys doing too many flips now to slow down, actually while I’m on this subject, it is more interesting than Smackdown”.

- he said, as quoted by pwmania.com

Jim Cornette on Braun Strowman

Cornette doesn't have a lot of respect for Strowman and believes he's not the one to be giving out advice. “There was a piece on Twitter, while it lasts, this morning that I saw that said well a lot of guys didn’t like CM Punk in the AEW locker room because as soon as he came in, he started giving them advice and telling them to slow down and tell him Tony how things should go and well, how dare he? And they didn’t want to listen.

If you’re a f*cking college professor and you walk into goddamn romper room and you see that the nursery school teachers are teaching the kids the wrong way to behave, you might think well, maybe I can help out and nip it in the bud early so the six and seven year olds or five year olds or whatever they are don’t get any bad habits.

But those five year olds know too much, and they don’t want to listen to that college professor. Well, it’s the same thing here. Yes, all of you flippy floppy f*cks ought to slow the f*ck down and extend your lives and careers and make the business a little more credible again instead of your goddamn cheerleading routines.

But of all the people who have the f*cking experience, power, pull cachet or opinion in this industry, Braun Brown Strongman is not one of them”.

Jim Cornette Braun Strowman