Road Dogg on Adam Cole vs Bryan Danielson: It wasn't so special


Road Dogg on Adam Cole vs Bryan Danielson: It wasn't so special

Road Dogg commented on the match between Adam Cole and Bryan Danielson in his podcast. The match has gained great popularity and is considered one of the best. However, Road Dogg does not share the opinion with the majority. “The show was great.

And I look I disagree with him [Meltzer] saying it was the best main event. I do agree it was awesome, and it was different and it was very New Japan. But that’s not what our audiences is preconditioned to. And so I would argue that some of the main events that year and the period right around there were really good.

This was just The Observer’s brand. You know what I mean? This was Daniel Bryan working with the American Dragon or whatever, Daniel Bryan and Adam Cole. And so look, it was a very New Japan or Ring of Honor kind of match, and it was awesome to watch and it was different.

But I disagree that it was like the best main event in the history of the business. Like I think it was great. I do and I think the both guys are great. I’ve seen both guys have great matches. This was one of them. You know what I mean?”- Road Dogg said, as quoted by

Road Dogg explains his reasons

Road Dogg explained his view and why the match caused such hype.

“Like I think what they loved about it was oh my god, WWE is dipping their toe into the style of, of everyone else, and that’s cool. That is a very cool thing, and that’s it. It’s very understandable like that, but don’t give it that credit, you know what I mean? Like, I don’t know, I feel like I’m dogging it now.

And I don’t mean to because the match was that incredible. “It was just like, it was a different style, man. It was a different different kind of match. You know, I love the Punjabi Prison Match, so what do I know? Santino Marella is my favorite wrestler, so what do I know?”

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