Lars Sullivan Talks About Attacking WWE Superstars

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Lars Sullivan Talks About Attacking WWE Superstars

WWE calls the best NXT wrestlers to the main roster. The wrestlers bring all of their NXT fans with them to the WWE. The WWE is known for only pushing the wrestlers that they think can help them make more money. That is why, the WWE still prefers pushing the big and strong looking wrestlers as they are generally speaking better at making the WWE more money.

They are a kind of show piece. Some of the best WWE wrestlers in the current roster came from NXT. NXT is where most indie stars start their WWE careers. Kevin Owens, Sami Zayn and Finn Balor are ex-indie stars that worked for NXT.

They then joined the main roster when WWE called them and there they won big titles. Lars Sullivan is an NXT Star that was recently called to the WWE Main Roster. Although his debut didn’t take place earlier, which is should have, he debuted this week and worked for both of the main WWE brands.

He first attacked Hall of Famer, Kurt Angle on RAW quite badly. He then went to Smackdown and attacked The Hardy Boyz who won the Smackdown Tag Team Titles this week. Sullivan wrote about his attacks on Twitter: “William Christensen here with another update on Lars!

Lars would like to convey to the public that he finds great pleasure and humor in upsetting the WWE Universe. His only complaint is that it's too easy to do so! His quote after both Monday and Tuesday night, "lol"