Kurt Angle Speaks About Randy Orton’s Back Injury

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Kurt Angle Speaks About Randy Orton’s Back Injury

Kurt Angle is a famous WWE Hall of Famer, and he spoke about Randy Orton’s back injury that has kept him out of of WWE for a very long time. Kurt Angle has wrestled Randy Orton a few times and has been part of the same locker room.

Even though Kurt Angle is retired, he is still considered by many as one of the best WWE wrestlers of all time. Since he is also an Olympic Gold medalist and has dealt with numerous injuries in the past, he is the best person to explain just how severe Randy’s injury actually is.

Kurt Angle Suggests That The Injury Could Have Ended Randy Orton's Career

Randy Orton is still one of WWE’s most important wrestlers, even though he has not been part of any major WWE Title for a very long time.

Kurt Angle spoke his own injury that occurred in 2002. According to Kurt Angle, Randy’s back injury could have ended his career, so he would not really have any chance to compete again. "Your back controls everything.

You can't do anything when your back is hurting," Angle said. "I'll give you an example. Randy Orton just had surgery on his back. He literally couldn't do anything, and this surgery is hopefully saving his career.

But that's how much back problems can affect you as a pro wrestler." According to the WWE, Randy Orton suffered the injury when he was at the receiving end of a beating by The Bloodline. However, his father, Bob Orton confirmed that Randy Orton was actually wrestling with the back injury for a very long time.

That may have made his injury worse and that is the reason why he can’t recover properly to get back in the ring. The last time we saw Randy compete was in a match against the Usos. Orton’s tag team partner that night was Matt Riddle and it was a ‘Winner Takes All’ tag team match.

The Usos won the RAW and Smackdown Tag Team Titles. Randy did appear in a video message during John Cena’s 20th WWE Anniversary. According to various reports, WWE is deeply concerned about the condition of Randy’s back.

According to what Kurt Angle said, there might be a chance that we may never see Randy Orton return to perform for WWE or for any other company. However, Randy Orton just underwent surgery and he also got some extra rehab done, which may help him return to the WWE soon.