Kevin Nash on the early days of his career and the differences compared to now


Kevin Nash on the early days of his career and the differences compared to now

WWE Hall of Famer Kevin Nash spoke to the Kliq This podcast about his early days in WWE and entering the locker room. “I would just love to take Buddy Landel and put him in a WWE locker room. This is Buddy in his prime.

And then him going over Seth Rollins that night…Buddy could work his ass off. There were so many guys in the locker room. Well, number one like you walk in the locker room and yeah, Harley was smoking but he was one of 11.

I’ve never walked into a locker room in my life and like cigarette smoke was prevalent”. - he said, as quoted by At that time, experienced wrestlers played an important role and had enormous respect.

“When I broke in it was you’d walk in and you’d be with the heels. You weren’t putting sh*t together. So when you’re green, it’s just like you just — all I was told when somebody that’s got more seniority and he walks in the room give me a chair.

Because I gave mine and I gave my chair to Harley and he just said, ‘who broke you in?’ I said Jody Hamilton and he says ‘its good to see you got broke in right.' ” “Then I watched him go through that whole lacing the boots and with you know — ‘And I told that mother f**ker.’ I was just like, Wow.

What a great he was”.

Kevin Nash and alcohol

When he arrived at the company, Nash emphasized that no one had consumed alcohol at the time. However, later things were different. "I never saw anybody drink until the NWO started.

That was like the first time I saw guys like when we actually like would sit around and drink beers [at the show]. It was funny because Kurt Angle and I would always like to have a couple of beers. Like even at TNA we would have a beer…It was just like part of the ritual before because nothing’s better than the beer when you get out of the ring…Curt Hennig used to do it the best.

Curt would have the singlet down and wipe the top of the beer can off. He’d pop it, take that big gulp and go, ‘coldest f**king beer I’ve ever had in my life, best beer I’ve had in my life.’ And you just be like ‘good for you. I still gotta work.' ”

Kevin Nash