Titus Alexander on winning the title and his opponent

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Titus Alexander on winning the title and his opponent

Titus Alexander spoke to pwmania.com about various topics. One of the topics was sharing the ring with Myron Reed and Rey Horus. He described it as a great experience that he will always remember. “Oh, it was awesome. It was so great because those guys have been, you know, Rey Horus has been doing pro wrestling and has been everywhere for a long time.

That’s another guy I’ve always wanted to work and Myron Reed is another one I have always wanted to work with. But he’s really really, really good. So I never really thought I would be able to share the ring with him.

But I’m really happy that I was able to”. - Alexander said, as quoted by pwmania.com


Being the West Coast Pro heavyweight champion is a great thing, and that's exactly what Alexander achieved. Jacob Fatu was his opponent.

Alexander revealed his impression of the match and the opponent. “Oh, man, he is everything man. He has everything, he can do anything, he can go anywhere he wants to be in this business, he can do anything he wants. But the first question I’ll answer is, dethroning him was awesome, but also just like, damn, I just dethroned our champion, he has been champion for I think a year at that time and so it was cool.

But I Jacob before he even started wrestling and so it was cool to share the ring with him and then of course dethroning him. So I have a little bit to brag about, but yeah, it was very cool to actually just be in the ring with him and be a one-on-one and experience how it is to wrestle Jacob”.

It took a lot of effort and work to achieve his goal. It was hard, considering that he had many matches in two days. “Oh, it was very difficult because it was all different styles of wrestling. On the first night I had Chris Sabin and what a legend that man is, he’s been doing this forever and watching him growing up and stuff like that, and then meeting him.

And I was just like, oh, okay, well, now I got Masha. Oh, well, Masha is a badass and she can beat anybody that she can and it was awesome sharing it with Masha, but man, she hits hard. And then wrestling Nick Wayne, as we’ve done it before and that’s always great because me and a guy like Nick Wayne, we always push each other to our limits.

We always fight like it’s the last match that we’re ever going to have and it’s always great sharing the ring with him. And then we all know the story with Charlie, we have great chemistry, but it was just awesome.

All those matches were different if you look at it like, style-wise, speed-wise, and everything is just all different. So it was very difficult to prepare for that”.