Kevin Nash: I didn’t realize Logan Paul was that small

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Kevin Nash: I didn’t realize Logan Paul was that small

Roman Reigns vs Logan Paul generated a lot of interest. The match was great, and many former wrestlers and current stars spoke about their impressions. One of the legends of this sport, Kevin Nash spoke about his impressions in an interview with the Kliq This podcast.

What Nash is quite surprised by is the height of Logan Paul. “I did get a chance to watch Reigns versus the Paul kid, from Saudi Arabia. I did get a chance to watch that. I’m gonna say this… I’m gonna get browbeaten because God forbid if Kevin Nash was to let anybody that wasn’t nine feet tall wrestle… I didn’t realize [Logan Paul] was that small.

He was noticeably smaller than Roman Reigns”. - Nash said, as quoted by Logan Paul surprised many with the fact that he showed exceptional wrestling qualities. It looked like he had many years of experience.

Paul showed that he worked hard and tried to achieve what he achieved. It will be exciting to follow his progress. “The kid’s talented. From what I can understand, he got a crash course from HBK (Shawn Michaels)”.

Kevin Nash: “Look at the size of Roman’s head next to his"

Kevin Nash decided to have a little fun and compare these two great wrestlers. “Look at the size of Roman’s head next to his. That’s the size of a man.

He can have an eleven inch penis but if it’s like a number two pencil, that’s one thing. But if it’s got a head like a softball, you’re still gonna be the man. That looks like Hunter working against me, size-wise”.

Logan Paul and his brother Jake Paul show that they are good in various aspects of life. Sports is what they are focused on, and it seems that they could have great careers in wrestling and boxing.