Wrestling legend defends Austin Theory

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Wrestling legend defends Austin Theory

A lot has changed in WWE since Vince McMahon announced his resounding farewell last July. His place was taken by Stephanie Mcmahon and Nick Khan, while Triple H became the new head of the creative team. The 14-time world champion has shown that he has a very different philosophy from that of his illustrious predecessor, not hesitating to make a series of radical changes to the product.

In addition to bringing some of NXT's talent to the main roster, The Game has brought back several stars who had been released during the pandemic. HHH even convinced Bray Wyatt, Johnny Gargano and Braun Strowman to sign a new deal with WWE, and the fans went into raptures.

According to insiders, Hunter is considering further expanding the roster and has plenty of ideas for next year. As always happens in these cases, the changes have not benefited everyone. The reference is obviously to Austin Theory, which was blatantly downgraded with the advent of the 'Cerebral Assassin'

Backstage news on Austin Theory

Austin Theory had received a huge push between the end of 2021 and the beginning of 2022, having become the protégé of Vince McMahon. In April, Austin defeated Finn Balor to become the youngest United States champion in WWE history.

Theory had lost his belt to Bobby Lashley at Money in the Bank, but quickly redeemed himself by taking possession of the briefcase. From that moment on, everything started to go wrong for him. Austin was unable to take advantage of the briefcase and snatch the US title from the hands of Seth Rollins, thanks to the decisive interference of Bobby Lashley.

In the latest edition of the podcast 'Keepin' It 100 ', WCW legend Konnan analyzed Theory's strange parable: “Until a few months ago, it seemed that Theory had all the credentials to become a leading face of the company.

Since Triple H arrived, his status has radically changed. It almost feels like Austin has gotten into a power game between Vince and Hunter, which would be really stupid." On the latest episode of Jim Cornette's Drive-Thru, the WWE veteran was asked whether Triple H had booked Austin Theory horribly on purpose to get back at Vince McMahon for ruining his NXT guys: "I don't believe that Triple H would not only sacrifice business or talent if he believed in them or in any way f**k around like that just so Vince would be miserable when he watched the show, no.

I think for whatever reason either Triple H doesn't see anything in Theory or doesn't like him personally or maybe there's something that we don't know that he pissed in somebody's Post Toasties, it hadn't come to light yet," said Cornette.

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