Former WWE star takes a shot at Shane McMahon

Shane McMahon got in touch with WWE when he was 15

by Simone Brugnoli
Former WWE star takes a shot at Shane McMahon

Shane McMahon got in touch with WWE when he was 15, starting to deal with merchandising and listening to advice from his father Vince, former chairman of the family federation. His television career kicked off as a referee and then became a producer, announcer and even a full-fledged wrestler in the end.

The relationship between him and Vince deteriorated significantly earlier this year during the Royal Rumble, as the crew gathered to work on the booking of the men's royal brawl. The two had a heated quarrel, which led the now ex Chairman to remove his son from the company, even sending him home.

According to reports from Fightful Select, Shane would have attempted to make a series of changes to the main event, unleashing the wrath of several superstars, fitting into several large angles of the match. Shane's departure from the company has caused fans and insiders alike to wonder what the former Hardcore Champion is doing right now.

Apparently, the relationship with his sister Stephanie and brother-in-law Triple H would not be idyllic either, with Shane still staying out of the picture and probably not returning, at least not in the short term, to the company's rings.

René Duprée slams Shane McMahon

In the latest episode of his Cafe de René, the former Monday Night Raw and Friday Night Smackdownbn athlete, who became famous in the early 2000s, René Duprée, wanted to attack Vince McMahon's eldest son (Shane McMahon), making him incapable in the ring and saying: "He doesn't know how he will fight in the ring.

He just knows how to be a stuntman and do all those crazy flights that he does, which really hurts the business because he just puts the hype on that stuff, right? So for him to jump out of the cage, yes, it gets you a big pop, but then it makes the job difficult for others to get another reaction like that.

And then he fights for how long? Once a year in ppv, right? I don't even think he's around anymore, am I wrong?" Apparently not even the former WWE wrester would be a big fan of Vince McMahon's eldest son, who now enjoys very little respect and admiration in the family business, the which at the moment really seems to have turned his back on him.

It's well-known that Shane played a key role in helping put together the very successful men's Royal Rumble this year alongside Paul Heyman and, for his part, Brock Lesnar.

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