Mia Yim officially changes her ring-name

Raw has now become the most criticized WWE show

by Simone Brugnoli
Mia Yim officially changes her ring-name

For a few weeks now, AJ Styles' OC had understood that the strong point of Judgment Day was Rhea Ripley, because the big girl of the heel team was the one untouchable by the men of The OC, but still capable of doing great things with the his brutal strength.

During the Monday Night Raw live broadcast a few weeks ago, however, it seems that AJ Styles and his Good Brothers have found the solution to their insurmountable problem. This solution is called Mia Yim. The former WWE athlete, released in one of the many waves staged by former Chairman Vince McMahon over the past two years, fired along with her husband Keith Lee, made his sensational comeback after weeks of rumors, right alongside the OC , in one of the last episodes of the WWE flag show, attacking Rhea Ripley with a kendo stick.

After a brief promo from Styles to her enemies, Mia Yim attacked Rhea behind her, showing her face and allying herself with the Phenomenal One stable and her close friends. Now The OC and Judgment Day are the same number, with three men and a woman who can fight on equal terms, also in view of Survivor Series War Games, an event in which AJ Styles, flanked by his stable, will face Finn Balor, side by side from her.

Mia Yim becomes Michin

Already a few days ago we reported the news that Mia Yim had received a new nickname in WWE, namely that of Michin, which in Korean means "crazy". Apparently, this nickname wanted on-screen by AJ Styles, would have become the new official name of the girl, which both on the company's website and in the last episode of Monday Night Raw tonight, was called by the federation.

If initially Michin's was to be only her nickname, used as a nickname during matches or angles, now everything has become official, with the girl who will no longer be Mia Yim but only Michin. A few hours ago, she issued a statement on her Instagram confirming her departure from the promotion amid rumors of her returning to WWE.

"Thank you @impactwrestling @gailkimitsme @scott.damore . You believed in me when I didn't believe myself and gave me that passion again. It has been a true privilege being a part of the locker room and working with everyone.

I will support and root for everyone's success! Impact Wrestling will forever hold a special spot in my heart. This isn't goodbye. Love you all 💙" Yim wrote.

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