Big match announced during Raw

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Big match announced during Raw
Big match announced during Raw (Provided by Wrestling World)

During the episode of Monday Night Raw that aired on the night of November 7, Seth Rolins set up his usual open challenge to the US title in his possession, with the challenger who should have initially been Mustafa Ali.

The WWE lightweight athlete, however, was knocked out by a literally enraged Bobby Lashley over his Crown Jewel defeat to Brock Lesnar, with the company's All Mighty knocking out Ali, without even letting him start. his match.

After picking on Ali, Lashley instead targeted Seth Rollins, also destroying the US champion, before the bell rang for the match between the two of them, with Austin Theory seeing fit to cash in on his title case. of the United States, seeing no other solutions with Roman Reigns champion of both roster and thus trying to at least snatch the US title from Rollins' flanks.

After a brutal match in which Theory literally slaughtered Rollins, Bobby Lashley returned to the scene once again, this time taking it out on Mr Money in the Bank, not allowing him to win the title and thus making him fail.

Big surprises during Raw

In the episode of Monday Night Raw aired tonight, WWE wanted to put even more meat on the fire with regard to the next ppv of the company, with the Survivor Series that will see yet another match, this time titled, added to the card.

After seeing Austin Theory being chased during the episode by Bobby Lashley, after his match against Ali, with the two both wanting to get their hands on Seth Rollins' secondary title, the federation has formalized a three-way match between Rollins, Theory and Lashley for the next Big Four.

In fact, at Survivor Series: War Games, the three will compete for the United States title in a triple threat match obviously without disqualification. The report stated that Becky Lynch is not listed internally on the rundown for RAW.

This might not mean anything, as WWE does not always list stars internally in case they are making a return to keep from spoiling the surprise. Former WWE Universal Champion Finn Balor is reportedly being seen as a reclamation project by Triple H backstage.

“They’ve always, always really liked each other. Seeing what Finn has been over the last few years, Hunter sees almost like a reclamation project, but one that he can get behind because of their personal relationship”.

they wrote. A veteran from WWE's PG era could be showing some potential interest in making an in-ring return.