Backstage details on Cody Rhodes' schedule

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Backstage details on Cody Rhodes' schedule

Cody Rhodes made his return to WWE at WrestleMania 38, amazed fans and insiders alike. Nobody expected to see him again in WWE after six years of absence, considering that 'The American Nightmare' was one of the founders of All Elite Wrestling in 2019.

The 37-year-old from Marietta was no longer comfortable in Tony Khan's company and decided to accept Vince McMahon's offer. The WWE Universe welcomed him very well and Cody immediately proved to be one of the best wrestlers around.

Rhodes pulled off a streak of stellar performances against Seth Rollins and revealed that he wants to be world champion ASAP. At the height of his career, Cody sustained a chest muscle injury on the eve of Hell in a Cell. The former AEW star still stepped into the ring, but that effort only made the situation worse.

Rhodes has been absent for several months now and is unlikely to be back in action before 2023.

New details on Cody Rhodes

In a recent interview with 'Ten Count', Brandi Rhodes provided an important update on Cody Rhodes' rehabilitation: “He feels the need to fight, it's in his DNA.

He is working during to get back to the ring as soon as possible. I accompanied him to the physiotherapist yesterday and the response was positive. Progress is evident and the worst should be over. He always looks the same as Cody, which is not to be taken for granted given the extent of the injury he suffered.

He hasn't lost a lot of muscle mass and seems ready to get back into action, but obviously I'm not a doctor”. According to Dave Meltzer, a well-known correspondent of the 'Wrestling Observer', WWE does not want to rush the times: "A certain date has not yet been set for his return, also because it is a very delicate injury.

WWE originally thought about bringing him back on Day 1, but then the event was canceled. We will hardly see him in the ring again before the Royal Rumble 2023." As for who the babyface and heel will be, the ex-WWE writer thinks that fans will have to choose and decide themselves: "Here's the beautiful thing about it.

If I know we're going from the Royal Rumble and they're [CM Punk and Cody Rhodes] are having the number one contender's match at WrestleMania, what I'm doing is I'm organically letting the crowd decide who the heel and babyface is."