Bianca Belair launches an interesting challenge

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Bianca Belair launches an interesting challenge

Bianca Belair is a wrestler who in the last two years has done nothing but collect important moments in the ring, such as when she managed to clash with Sasha Banks at WrestleMania 37 in a historic match, in fact the two were the first black women to fight in the main event of the Grandest Stage of Them All, or when she managed to beat Becky Lynch at Wrestlemania 38 to become Raw champion.

But the fact that she has reached so many goals is not holding her back, on the contrary, she is increasingly determined to show us what she is made of and it is rumored that at WrestleMania 39 she will have a match against Charlotte Flair, the only one of the Four Horsewomen that remains to be beaten."

After this Wrestlemania, after defeating Becky Lynch and becoming Raw Women's Champion, they would be three of the four Horsewomen I pinned and defeated. I pinned Bayley, pinned Sasha, this year i pinned Becky Lynch. I want to pin all four Horsewomen.

eventually, so I'd love for Hollywood to hunt Charlotte and make her the last of the four Horsewomen to be pinned, "Belair told Nikki & Brie Bella on the Bellas Podcast a while ago.

Bianca Belair is motivated

We recently saw Rhea Ripley and Bianca Belair cross in the backstage of Raw and it is important to remember that theoretically the Australian still has an opportunity to challenge the champion for the title, won in a multi-woman match before she was injured a few months ago.

Speaking to Sam Roberts about Notsam Wrestling, EST was asked about a potential match with the Judgment Day member at WrestleMania, and this was her response: “Whenever Rhea Ripley and I step into the ring, we always do magic, and I feel like we did great things together with NXT, and then we got to Raw and SmackDown.

We've been on both sides doing amazing things on opposite sides of this peak, trying to get to the top. Would be great. I've always considered being in a match with Rhea Ripley at WrestleMania, a feud that could go down in history as one of the best feuds women have ever had.

I would love to have a WrestleMania match with Rhea. It's a dream match, at WrestleMania. But I will say that I still have my goal of taking down all the Four Horsewomen. So I still have Charlotte Flair that I need to take down.

Whether it's Charlotte or Rhea, I have so many WrestleMania matches that I still want to do, but Rhea Ripley is definitely at the top of the list."