Nikki Cross abandons her character

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Nikki Cross abandons her character
Nikki Cross abandons her character

In the episode of October 24, 2022 of Monday Night Raw, in the main event we had an untitled match between the eternal rivals Bianca Belair and Bayley. Despite Bianca Belair's physical strength and soul, however, towards the end of the match she was unable to contain Dakota Kai and IYO SKY who attacked her outside the ring.

When the referee tried to send the duo champions back to the locker room, a mysterious figure dived from the stake on all three, leaving them on the ground and in the meantime Bianca made a KOD on Bayley in the ring. All this, however, did not end here, because Nikki then went into the ring, knocking out the champion and allowed Bayley to win the match with the referee Jessika Carr who ran to the square to replace the colleague who had previously landed from the Kross.

But the Scotswoman didn't stop there, in fact she then attacked Bayley too with the comment table who let us know that Nikki Cross, not A.S.H., is back. Even after taking off as the superhero, Nikki Cross showed us great things, such as winning the 24/7 title, then inexplicably trashed live on Monday Night Raw, with the title eventually being withdrawn from the company, after three years of honorable service.

New details on Nikki Cross

Thanks to a photo posted by his personal Twitter account, Nicola GlenCross, real name of Nikki Cross, wanted to let his fans know how the superheroine gimmick is really dead and buried, with a beautiful metaphor dedicated to the Marvel universe.

Just like Spiderman did, in fact, Nikki trashed his ring-attire, having himself photographed from behind and writing "Ash no more", just like in one of the most beloved episodes of the spider man saga: "Spiderman: No More".

Thus ends one of the runs that Nikki Cross has most appreciated during his career, by his own admission, with the girl who is now back to being one of the most feared heels of the red show and who is now called to defend her honor together.

at 3am on Damage CTRL and to Rhea Ripley, in the first War Games in the history of the WWE main roster. On a recent edition of Sportskeeda Wrestling's Legion of RAW, Vince Russo mentioned that he had predicted WWE would be done with Nikki in a few weeks.

"I told you last week bro, the only thing that Nikki Cross meant at the end of the show was to have a match to open up next [week]. I said that and what did they do? They beat Nikki Cross. And I told you Nikki Cross would be done by Christmas."

Nikki Cross Raw Smackdown

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