Eric Bischoff on Tyrus' title and NWA main man decision

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Eric Bischoff on Tyrus' title and NWA main man decision
Eric Bischoff on Tyrus' title and NWA main man decision

Eric Bischoff talked about Tyrus and his great performances on the 83 Weeks Podcast. Tyrus won the NWA World Heavyweight Title. Some are not happy with the decisions of the NWA main man. Bischoff gave his opinion; “Billy’s gotta be a little bit careful of how he deals with his public.

He’s a bit of an eccentric guy and I like Billy,” Bischoff said. “Gutfeld. I mean they’re beating ‘Kimmel’ and Tyrus is a big part of that show and comes out with his belt."- he said, as quoted by Bischoff believes that controversy is a great thing and that it brings profit.

"If you’re Billy Corgan or anybody else are you not going to take advantage of that even if it does stir some people up cause guess what? ‘Controversy creates cash,’ you stir them up enough and people are going to tune in to see what happens next.

A lot of people today do like to complain, and Tyrus starring in a highly-rated show on the politically right-leaning Fox News only adds fuel to the fire. You gotta at least let things play out before you start criticizing too much”.

“While Tyrus has been around for a while, lets see what creative does for him before you start putting him on the grill”.

Eric Bischoff on Tony Khan

Bischoff surprised the public with his interview with

when he compared Tony Khan to a 15-year-old. “I think what Tony says is funny. Because he reminds me of a fifteen year old kid that’s got too much money and doesn’t know what to do with it and he’s running around, bouncing off walls trying to make some sense out of stuff.

Look, I never said that every match on every show needs to have a story. But your top three or four should and I encouraged Tony, who has an employee by the name of Kevin Sullivan, who was formerly a director in TNA. Not the booker.

Two different Kevin Sullivans. Kevin Sullivan, the producer and the director, works for Tony, and Kevin Sullivan has a show bible that I created for Spike TV, Viacom while I was there”.

Eric Bischoff Tyrus

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