Earl Hebner Speaks About Nearly Dying Due to Attack

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Earl Hebner Speaks About Nearly Dying Due to Attack
Earl Hebner Speaks About Nearly Dying Due to Attack

Earl Hebner is a legendary WWE hall of Famer and one of the most famous professional wrestling referees of all time, and he recently spoke about dying due to an attack. Earl Hebner has been part of some extremely important storylines over the years and has been at the receiving end of some beatings at the hand of wrestlers.

As a professional wrestling referee, he can take bumps and has taken numerous bumps, even hard ones, over the years. In fact, some storylines actually require a referee to get physically assaulted by a wrestler, usually a heel.

Sometimes, referees also take a bump inadvertently. This can actually hurt the referee and some referees have actually got hurt in the past by accident.

Earl Hebner Talks About the Worst Bump That He Has Ever Taken

By May 1996, Hebner revealed that he understood how to take bumps properly and could avoid getting hurt.

However, he stated that he took a seriously nasty bump during a match between Shawn Michaels and the British Bulldog, one that I thought could have killed him. During the match, Shawn sent Bulldog into the ropes, and then Shawn dropped down on the mat.

As the Bulldog jumped over Shawn, he pummeled Hebner which sent the referee flying through the second rope. Hebner is not a very heavy man, so Hebner took a very heavy blow from the Bulldog. "I wasn't prepared for that one because it was never said [beforehand] that he was going to do that," Hebner said.

"I was running toward him and he just kept me going and he grabbed me and just shot me through [the ropes]," Hebner added that the blue coloring from the respective rope rubbed off onto his pants from the unplanned incident, and he had to throw the pair away.

"They were blue at the time because there was so much sh** on them," he said. Because Earl Hebner was not prepared to take this bump as it was unplanned, he actually got hurt seriously badly during that match. Hebner revealed that he usually took bumps in a very relaxed manner.

However, this one was extremely stiff for him. Since he could not continue officiating the match after that bump, he was replaced by another legendary wrestler, Mike Chioda.

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