Brock Lesnar Talks About Logan Paul

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Brock Lesnar Talks About Logan Paul

Brock Lesnar is one of WWE’s most famous wrestlers and he recently spoke about what he feels about Logan Paul. Logan Paul is an internet sensation and is currently working for WWE. Whereas, Brock Lesnar is an established WWE wrestler that has worked with some of the best wrestlers in the WWE.

He is also one of the only WWE wrestlers that found major success after leaving the WWE for MMA. Brock is a former UFC Heavyweight Champion. Brock is currently working as a part-time wrestler in the WWE. He is a multiple-time WWE and Universal Champion.

Even though he found major success in the world of MMA, he still left the world of MMA to join professional wrestling again.

Brock Lesnar Praises Logan Paul and His Brother For Their Work

Even though Logan Paul has signed with WWE, he had only 3 matches this year.

At Crown Jewel he fought Roman Reigns and tried to win the Undisputed WWE Title. Logan Paul did not manage to win that night. However, many journalists, critics and fans actually like Logan’s performance. However, some people actually do not want to see Logan Paul, perform in the WWE as he may be seen as an outsider.

However, WWE fans in the past have accepted people that showed a tremendous willingness to assimilate. Brock started wrestling for the WWE in the early 2000s. Since then, he has been in and out of the WWE and has never worked for any other rival promotion.

He recently shared on BT Sport how well he believes Logan and Jake Paul will fit in the WWE mold. Brock believes that they will do well in scripted sports entertainment. "I'm excited for you guys," Lesnar said. "I'm excited for you guys.

I'm proud of you guys, you've done well." It is not often we hear Brock Lesnar praise another human being. In fact, he has never shown signs of being impressed by anyone, but it is a widely known fact that he sometimes has helped other wrestlers get over, and is a company guy that does not enter business only for himself.

When Logan was fighting Roman Reigns at Crown Jewel, Jake appeared to try to help his brother get the win. Unfortunately, he was too late and couldn’t help Logan get the win. Also, Logan is currently not fit to wrestle as he injured his knee during the match against Roman Reigns. He is currently undergoing rehab for the injured knee.