Wrestling legend comments on Randy Orton's injury


Wrestling legend comments on Randy Orton's injury

Randy Orton hasn't set foot in the ring since SmackDown on May 20, when he and Matt Riddle lost to the Usos after a thrilling battle. Since that time, the Viper has disappeared from the radar due to a back injury. According to a latest update provided by colleagues at 'PwInsider': “WWE star Randy Orton, who hasn't performed in several months, was notified yesterday in Birmingham, Alabama.

Orton remained in the pits due to what is believed to be a back problem. Meanwhile, his wife Kim has posted on Instagram a photo of her smiling next to Randy, who is lying on a hospital bed”. There are several specialists in Birmingham for those with back problems and the 14-time world champion may have gone there to undergo therapy.

Kurt Angle opens up on Randy Orton

In the latest edition of his podcast, Kurt Angle revealed how terrible back injuries can be: “A lot of people don't realize it, but it's the back that controls everything. You can't do anything if your back is blocked.

I can cite Randy Orton as an example. The Viper had to stop due to back pain and it is not known when he will be back in the ring. He literally could not do anything and it is hoped that this surgery will save his career. Back problems have a huge impact on a wrestler's career, they are the worst ever".

The former Olympic gold medalist then added: "I have broken my neck five times and have suffered a lot, especially in terms of strength in the arms. I often got numb, I lost strength and couldn't do even the simplest things.

But it's the back that controls everything. If it doesn't support you, your career is over”. The hope of the fans is that Orton will be able to overcome this injury and return next year, perhaps to the Royal Rumble. WWE Attitude Era legend Val Venis recently discussed about Randy Orton allegedly making Rochelle Loewen leave WWE.

Prior to the tale, Val denied accusations that Orton had defecated in Loewen's bag. "I know Randy had some issue with one of the girls from the Diva Search that when we went to Hawaii, Japan - Japan, Alaska, then Alaska back to L.A.and in Alaska that girl quit because of Randy," he said.

It was alleged that Orton had poured self-tanning lotion and baby oil into Rochelle's bag instead, leading to her sudden departure.

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