WWE expands into other sectors

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WWE expands into other sectors

According to the PEOPLE website, one of the protagonists of the Netflix series “Cheer”, which is a docu-series about the training of forty members of the Navarro College Bulldogs Cheer Team of Corsicana in Texas, has signed a contract with WWE.

The cheerleader in question is Gabi Butler, who said she fell in love with professional wrestling when she attended the WWE SummerSlam 2022 event live. "I was blown away by what they put on. I've been so involved in the cheerleading industry for so long, and I've never really looked into anything other than cheerleading.

But when I went to SummerSlam, it opened my eyes to athleticism and the dedication that athletes bring to the ring. It was like I was watching a cheerleading contest, but with a wrestling edition."

WWE expands

PEOPLE also reports the following: “While at SummerSlam, Butler spent time with WWE Co-CEO Stephanie McMahon, who she believes [Gabi] inspired her to throw herself into the world of WWE: 'The way she poses it's very impressive and the conversation we had was very nice, 'Butler shared."

The girl also said she was shocked by the similarity between the two disciplines: "he is very attached to cheerleaders because we are artists, we are entertainers, we like to put on a show and we also have to be athletic."

For now, Gabi Butler is not yet allowed to make her debut in the ring, also because she still has to work hard to become a wrestler and for this reason she will train like all new recruits at the WWE Performance Center in Orlando and will participate in the biggest events in the world.

sports while diving into the world of wrestling. Regarding her debut, she said: “I'd like to take up that challenge, hopefully it will happen in the future. You have to work hard to be a wrestler, that's for sure.

It certainly doesn't seem easy." During a recent appearance on Sportskeeda Wrestling's UnSKripted show, Doan told Dr. Chris Featherstone that he would discuss the possibility of a WWE return with his wife: "I would love to come back.

It was something I would obviously discuss with my wife. We just got married in July. She’s never been in the wrestling business and she’s heard about the traveling, being away, and all that. Of course, they don’t travel like they used to, which is a good thing — definitely will save some marriages.

But, I would love to [return], if we talked about it. She’s standing here staring at me [laughs]. If it was something where we both agreed, 'This is good,' I would love to."