Road Dogg apologizes to Jeff Jarrett


Road Dogg apologizes to Jeff Jarrett

In recent weeks, what appears to be a true takeover of DX in WWE has continued to be staged: Triple H in command of the creative department, Shawn Michaels promoted to Vice President of Creative Talent Development and now the return to a permanent basis of " Road Dogg "Jesse James.

The Hall of Famer and former duo champion with Billy Gunn was fired in January by Vince McMahon, but has now been reinstated at the behest of Hunter. As reported by WrestleVotes in August, the former member of New Age Outlaws now holds the position of Senior Vice President of Live Events, a job until a few months ago assigned to Jeff Jarrett.

Double J was just recently released: in January 2019 Jarrett was hired by WWE to work as a producer, then moved to the company's creative team in March of the same year, only to be released, returning to work for independents first.

and now for the AEW. In the last episode of his personal podcast, Road Dogg wanted to apologize to JJ, in his own way, asking forgiveness from his colleague for stealing his WWE job.

Road Dogg apologizes to Jeff Jarrett

In the usual episode of his Oh You Didn't Know podcast, WWE Hall of Famer Road Dogg wanted to apologize quite hilariously to the colleague he actually stole his WWE job from (Jeff Jarrett), saying: "Look, you might be doing your job quietly and one day someone doesn't feel good and they don't like it.

And the next day you're out. (laughter ed) God bless his heart, I'm sorry. He hurts me when they say it. But I bet it hurts him even more to hear it. (laughter ed) I'm really sorry Jeff." In one of his latest interviews, Road Dogg also talked about Bray Wyatt's formidable return to WWE, with the company's VP of Live Events revealing that he was unaware of it all and therefore greatly appreciated the surprise return of the company.

Extreme Rules. Road Dogg, real name Brian James, has received support from former WWE Superstar Mideon following his hotly debated comments about Bret Hart. The 53-year-old agreed with Road Dogg's remarks but added that Hart was a better in-ring performer: "Oh, a hundred percent, better sports entertainer," Mideon said when asked about Road Dogg's comments.

"Not a better wrestler. Other than him [Henry O. Godwinn], Road Dogg is my best friend. We lived together, we did everything. Brian is not afraid to rock the boat."

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