What are WWE's plans for Aliyah?

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What are WWE's plans for Aliyah?
What are WWE's plans for Aliyah?

During the episode of Monday Night Raw that aired on the night of August 29, WWE crowned the two new tag team champions of the main roster, after months in which the couple belts had literally disappeared from circulation, due to the passing of Sasha Banks and Naomi.

To win the final of the tournament to decree the new champions of the main roster of the Stamford federation, the two babyfaces of Smackdown had thought of it, with Aliyah and Raquel Rodriguez who had managed to get their hands on the belts, for the first time in their career since they were called on the WWE main roster.

The victory came when Aliyah pinned Dakota Kai with a quick roll-up, who apparently wasn't the "legal woman" in the match according to Wrestle Ops, as she hadn't given the tag to IYO SKY. his teammate. After weeks of reign, the two had to give the titles to the heels of Damage CTRL, Dakota Kai and IYO SKY, with the two friends of Bayley who for a moment lost the titles against Alexa Bliss and Asuka, and then return to win them back.

At the moment, however, Aliyah seems to have lost all traces at Smackdown, given that the athlete has not appeared in the episodes of the blue show for some time.

New details on Aliyah

Apparently, not only fans of the WWE Universe would have noticed the lack of the former couple champion of the main roster from Smackdown, but also several insiders.

In the last few days, in fact, the journalists of the well-known site Ringside News, have asked their sources in WWE what happened to the girl, who is believed to be injured by someone, but that she is in excellent health.

After seeing her latest performances on horseback, the girl then dispelled all doubts, with journalist Steve Carrier reporting how WWE is deliberately keeping the girl out of the scene, to prevent anyone from lowering her status, with of useless victories.

The girl, in fact, does not have any kind of plan for the Survivor Series, so the management has seen fit to exclude her from the storylines, otherwise she would have been easy prey for some athlete who needed a new relaunch, with the status of Aliyah that would then have suffered the backlash. We just have to wait for the passage of the next Big Four, to understand how the athlete will return to the scene.

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