Logan Paul left everyone speechless

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Logan Paul left everyone speechless

During the evening of Crown Jewel, the last WWE PPV held in Arabia, we saw numerous big names fighting in the WWE rings in the Asian country. The event saw numerous matches in the card and for once it did not air late at night in our country, as thanks to the time zone of the Asian country, we started seeing it in Italy from 5 pm.

The main event of the Crown Jewel card finally saw the clash between the former Youtuber Logan Paul and the WWE Tribal Chief, Roman Reigns, after weeks of verbal clashes between the two, which ended last night, with a sensational victory for Roman Reigns, after a truly stellar match, which fans did not expect.

The boxer, actor and now also wrestler really gave his best, putting on a professional wrestler performance with years of experience behind him, at one point even Logan's brother, Jake, had to intervene to help his consanguineous, given the numerical inferiority against Bloodline, with Jake Paul making his debut in front of the screens of the McMahon federation.

After the burning defeat, however, it seems that Logan Paul has encountered several injuries even quite serious to a leg, during the contest, which the same athlete communicated to fans immediately after the conclusion of the show, on his social networks.

Brock Lesnar praises Logan Paul

Before, during and after Crown Jewel, Jake Paul wanted to film his own personal vlog of the event, with Logan Paul's brother recording several behind-the-scenes footage of the event, his first pro-wrestling event.

Among the many things shown in these over 20 minutes of recording, there was also an interlude with the former WWE Champion Brock Lesnar, with the Beast of the McMahon federation who wanted to compliment what both brothers did in this way.

little time, both in wrestling and boxing rings. In the video that we post below, around 12:30, we can in fact see the reaction before Lesnar's event on Jake Paul, with the boy saying that he is a little nervous because it is something he has never done and with Lesnar saying he is very proud of them.

Speaking on his IMPAULSIVE podcast, Logan Paul stated that he enjoyed performing at The Grandest Stage of Them All and he's excited for what's next to come. "Passion, when I did WrestleMania, I had so much fun. All my friends had fun, we were all smiling.

It was awesome. I was looking at the clips, 'I can't believe that was me. Those were big jumps.' Business, it's smart, they pay well. WWE, it's a big organization. Media, it's a show. It's great performance and entertainment."