Bobby Lashley got huge offers


Bobby Lashley got huge offers

Bobby Lashley is experiencing a kind of second youth in WWE and has no intention of giving up. The All Mighty defeated Brock Lesnar at the Royal Rumble 2022 to win the WWE Championship and leave everyone speechless. The Beast took his revenge in Crown Jewel earlier this month, but his victory was quite controversial and one wonders when the showdown will take place between the two.

“They are two real giants and they were having a great match at Crown Jewel, but that ending was far from right. The ending was disappointing, it is useless to go around it. WWE probably didn't want to harm either athlete, and a modest ending ensued.

I don't want to see Brock and Bobby in the same ring until WrestleMania 39, ”commented former WWE manager Jim Cornette. Not only Cornette was disappointed by the final match in ppv between the two massive wrestlers. Several fans have also expressed their opinion on social media, railing against WWE and its management for ending such an important match in this way.

Despite everything, the feud between the two continues, with the two likely to clash in the coming months, as Bobby Lashley still has his tooth poisoned from his defeat.

Bobby Lashley is in great shape

In addition to being one of the main faces of the WWE, Bobby Lashley also had a past in the MMA rings and has made several films in the world of cinema, having an imposing physique.

In his last interview, to Sidewalk Entertainment microphones, Bobby Lashley wanted to reveal how he has had in the past several great offers from the world of TV and cinema, but that he has always declined them, saying: "I made several films while I was in the prime of my fighting career, between my first run in WWE and my second.

I've made about five films. All small parts. He needed that big fat villain and I did that part. Of course, I was always being killed, every time. I was then offered several other things. They offered me Mortal Kombat. There was also Stranger Things.

There were a lot of different projects they offered me. At the time, I wasn't focused on that though. I was wrestling at that time and was trying to focus only on my professional wrestler career. Acting was something I was interested in, but I just think it came at the wrong time.

When I returned to WWE, I started working more on my acting skills and now I'm much more open to the idea of ​​cinema and TV."

Bobby Lashley