Lita tells a surprising anecdote

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Lita tells a surprising anecdote

Lita has been a cornerstone of the WWE women's category for over 5 years, even entering the federation's Hall of Fame by right for her extraordinary on-ring career. The 4-time female champion from WWF / WWE, along with another amazing wrestler like Trish Stratus, changed the mentality of women's matches and the thinking that people had at the time for women's matches.

Immensely talented, Trish Stratus and Lita influenced an entire generation of fans and their feats in the ring are still fondly remembered today.

Lita tells an anecdote

Despite the talent, however, even the strongest wrestlers can make a few mistakes during a match: Lita knows very well that, in a mixed tag team between Hardy Boyz and her against Test & Albert and Trish Stratus (Manager of the then tag team, ed), was involved in a disastrous incident.

During that match, Lita incorrectly performed a leg drop against her opponent, but landed directly on her face. She gave more details in her autobiographical book “Lita: A Less Traveled R.O.A.D. - The Reality od Amy Dumas ":" Michael Hayes, our match agent, told me they wanted me to do something to Trish.

Since we were running late, there was no time for us to practice moonsault on of her, then Michael suggested, “How about a Leg Drop?” I'd never done a leg drop before, but I'd seen Matt do it a thousand times.

As usual, I thought, why not? I can do it. T&A had the match, I did my run and as I was on the second rope to drop my leg on Trish, I realized, “I don't know how to do it”. I jumped off and WHAM! I landed with my c ** or right on Trish's face.

"Oh shit! Luckily, my b ** h hitting her in the face didn't do any damage: I didn't break her nose or bruises. It could have been a lot worse , like a break in the neck. Trish was totally cold about it: she understood the situation, I was the new girl and who was used to taking hard blows, even direct in the face.

CIA. However, she has always been fantastic." In an interview during the Starrcast V event, Lita was asked about which female wrestler she was following in the indies. The WWE legend quickly picked King and explained that she would be a name to watch out for in the future.

The recurring AEW talent responded by showing her gratitude to the former WWE Hall of Famer. "Wow.. I am just now seeing this, @AmyDumas thank you so much! You saying that means so much to me..," King tweeted.