Former WWE star opens up on Vince McMahon

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Former WWE star opens up on Vince McMahon

In an exclusive interview for, former WWE Superstar Jimmy Wang Yang spoke about his years at Vince McMahon's court while also telling the story of his firing.

Jimmy Wang Yang reflects on Vince McMahon

On the story of Vince McMahon forgetting he fired him: "I was amazed when he hired me again because it's a crazy story.

I was trying to get tickets for a ppv. I got great tickets, and all of a sudden we were there. crossed paths with Vince. He said, "Jimmy. Where the hell have you been? "I was like, 'You fired me.' He said, "Right, I really did." In short, Vince had forgotten that I was fired.

He then got busy and came back to talk to me soon." On returning to WWE: “I was back in catering, you know, fixing certain things. Then they often came to me. 'Hey Jimmy, can you appear on RAW?' they asked me. In my mind, I wanted to go to Raw, I accepted their proposals and then the plans changed.

I went to RAW. Then one day they asked me to do a match with Charlie Haas. We had that match and it was a really good match in my opinion. Later they told me to appear elsewhere. When I entered the fourth apparition, they offered me the job again.

I thanked Vince McMahon so much for hiring me. I had been in the Ring of Honor doing stuff, but I appreciate that they brought me back to them." The former WCW and TNA superstar, among others, would also have had a brief adventure as a producer within the Stamford federation.

Jimmy Wang Yang had started his probationary period in October 2021, but after not feeling uncomfortable in that role, he would have decided to say goodbye to the company. The American wrestler was part of the WWE from 2003 to 2005 but also from 2006 to 2010, for a total of six years and has now also founded a wrestling school in Cincinnati.

Wrestling legend Dutch Mantell recently disclosed that he believes Triple H and Stephanie McMahon might have played a role in Vince McMahon's controversial exit from WWE. "Nick Khan. I think that's why he was sent there. [...] They can't prove it.

I think he was sent there because they were expecting, this is what you use in world politics, a regime change. That's what he was actually sent in there and they started to cut all this talent and cutting the talent. [...] Nick Khan did it. He and his people did it. [...] [Who is they?] The board," Mantell said.