Rey Mysterio was brutally attacked

Rey Mysterio has had a hugely successful career in WWE

by Simone Brugnoli
Rey Mysterio was brutally attacked

As we have seen in recent weeks, the multiple WWE champion Rey Mysterio has moved to the rings of Friday Night Smackdown, after starting a feud with Judgment Day and then consequently also with his son Dominik, who has joined the heel faction of the WWE red flag show.

After trying to reason with his son, Rey had no choice but to talk to Triple H, asking to leave WWE, but with the Triple who instead proposed to Rey to go and fight at Smackdown, so as to stay away from Dom. , but still continuing to work with the McMahon family company.

After watching for weeks the feud between the Mysterios and the Judgment Day of Monday Night Raw, the final blow to the former WWE Champion of San Diego was given to him by his eldest son Dominik, who betrays his father and the Hall of Famer WWE, Edge, accepted the invitation to enter the stable heel of the red show, turning his back on his parent and attacking him in every way.

After trying to win the Intercontinental title in Gunther's hands, Rey had to stop with a leg injury, which currently still keeps him at home, but yesterday evening Rey also had visits, right in his villa, being cut short just before Thanksgiving dinner, typical American.

Dominik and Rhea attack Rey Mysterio

With a video posted on its social pages, WWE wanted to share a video in which the two of Judgment Day, Dominik and Rhea Ripley are filmed, who show up directly at Rey Mysterio's house, trying to annoy the elf from San Diego, who he was at home while resting with a one-leg brace with his family.

Faced with the initial refusal of their mother to let them in, at the end Rey arrives at the door, who in response, after asking the two to leave, is beaten and savagely beaten by both, who leave him on the ground, while mocking him.

looking at the photos of when Domink was small with his family. Apparently this feud seems anything but over in WWE. How will this matter evolve in the future? Will Rey Mysterio finally decide to put aside the paternal spirit and attack the son taking revenge for all these abuses? Rey Mysterio's time in the WWE ring is coming to an end and reports suggest that he will be leaving the company this year.

“He was actually one of the first superstars that really impressed me. Again, when you’re in this world, and you come home, the last thing you want to do is watch wrestling or hear about other wrestlers. And I secluded myself very well.

I was home for two or three days a week, and it was family time, specifically. But there comes a point where you gotta make sure you see your competition, who is up and coming? And he was one of the guys that really stood out to me, and he’s been doing incredible, man."

Rey Mysterio