WWE denies some rumors

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WWE denies some rumors

A few days ago we reported that WrestleVotes had said: “A source close, indeed very close to WWE, told me that Triple H and Stephanie McMahon are considering changing the current format of Money in the Bank. They both plan to put the men's match on one night (for example, the first) of WrestleMania and the women's match on the second night of the Showcase of Immortals.

The idea is there, it is alive and there are big chances of it happening. Furthermore, a few days ago the confirmation arrived that the Money in the Bank case can also be used at NXT for the NXT Championship." But now, thanks to our colleagues at Fightful, we have an update that would partly disprove what has been said by those who deal with one of the most important profiles on Twitter wrestling news.

In fact, according to Fightful, who would have spoken to some sources who work at the top floors of the WWE, no indication of this change has arrived on their desk, so for now the Premium Live Event dedicated to the case should take place regularly, but they do not exclude that this is either.

may be a solution later, but for now everything remains as before.

WWE denies the rumors

According to 'Xero News', LA Knight would be the big favorite to take home the briefcase next year. After spending some time at WWE NXT, Knight was moved to the main roster as Max Dupri in January 2022 and formed a stable alongside Mansoor and Mace.

But, again according to Fightful, this would be a huge lie, in fact the site turned to a person in WWE who said: "I like LA Knight, but we have no definitive plans across the board for months, much less Money in the Bank next year.

If we had wanted him so badly, it wouldn't have been hard to snatch the briefcase from Theory and give it to him. I've never heard his name in the same conversation related to Money in the Bank. Not that it can't happen, because he's a great performer, but he hasn't been discussed." In an interview given to Rick Ucchino of Cageside Seats, Mia Yim stated that returning to WWE was an easy decision for her as she enjoyed working with The Game in NXT.

“I’ve always loved working under Triple H at NXT. It was with all my friends. It was easy to talk to him... And it just kind of came out of nowhere. And with Triple H running everything, I couldn’t say no. Like he is someone I respect.

He’s so smart and creative. With how things went in NXT, absolutely, absolutely. So it was an easy decision for me,” said Yim.