Mandy Rose makes a special thanks

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Mandy Rose makes a special thanks

In the last episodes of NXT before Halloween Havoc, we had seen the absence of the category champion of the third WWE roster and only a few days after the first absence, we had learned of what happened. With a heartbroken Instagram story, the NXT champion wanted to break the news of her brother's decidedly untimely death.

In fact, Mandy Rose was unable to reach her colleagues at NXT, because her family tightened in utter pain when Mandy's brother passed away. Back in the WWE rings, after having spent some really difficult days with her family, Mandy Rose is smiling again, (as much as possible after such a tragedy), celebrating her full year of reign, with the title of NXT that has remained firmly at his side for over 370 days.

In her last interview, the beautiful Mandy also wanted to reveal who was the author of the birth of her gimmick from "Bad Girl", a character that she currently brings to the stage also in the rings of the third WWE brand.

Latest update on Mandy Rose

In her last speech on Insight, with Chris Van Vliet, the beautiful and breathtaking NXT champion wanted to talk about who gave her the best advice at the beginning of her career, saying: "But, as you know, people often pushed me aside, like Lita and Chris Jericho especially, saying things like 'Listen, you're on a reality show.

You should probably play good bitch. You Should Really Do It 'And Me' Oh, really? Okay 'And from there I started showing myself like this, starting to have a lot of notoriety and now people have started talking about me." The moment to which the NXT champion refers, is obviously that of the beginning of her career in WWE and therefore in the Tough Enough program, in which Mandy took her first steps in the WWE rings.

Mandy Rose was recently asked about the possibility of Tino Sabbatelli's return, and the NXT Women's Champion was unsurprisingly in favor of the move. "I mean, I don't know. I would love that. I think there is so much, obviously, we know, there is so much missed opportunity and so much potential that we could see.

(Tino looks like a million bucks) I know! I don't get it either, and not a lot of people get it, but you know how it is in this business, it's hard to get, but I mean, I think it would be awesome. I would love it. You never know, right?"