WWE veteran speaks about Chris Jericho

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WWE veteran speaks about Chris Jericho

There have been so many wrestlers who have worked for the now former WWE CEO Vince McMahon, but only a few had a special relationship with the big boss of the company. Among these, also the star now under contract with AEW, or Chris Jericho.

First appearing in WWE in 1999, he managed to win all federation titles at McMahon's court before leaving the wrestling world in 2005. After a two-year hiatus, Chris Jericho returned in 2007 for three years before leaving. leave again in 2010.

After a year off, he was back in action in November 2011. From here Chris Jericho performed until 2018 and then marched to AEW in 2019.

Road Dogg reflects on Chris Jericho

After working for years and years with Vince McMahon, Jericho has acquired a little more freedom as is the case with Brock Lesnar.

The most striking example, however, came in early January 2018 when the star wrestled with Kenny Omega at Wrestle Kingdom 12. During this period, Jericho was still under contract with WWE although he had already decided to leave.

Speaking on his 'Oh You Didn't Know' podcast, Road Dogg talked about Chris Jericho's relationship with Vince McMahon and that the latter allowed Y2J to fight for New Japan while under contract with WWE: "Chris was one of those guys with a special character like Brock Lesnar.

There are a lot of the best stars who had a very special relationship with Vince. Another probably wouldn't have Jericho's permission. I don't think it shocked Vince that one. opportunity offered to him but the whole world of wrestling.

I can tell you 100%." This special relationship between the two also paved the way for another unusual move in April 2021, when Jericho appeared in Broken Skull Sessions with Stone Cold Steve Austin on WWE TV despite him being under contract with AEW.

Chris Jericho has opened up about his WWE exit and how a WrestleMania match with Kevin Owens helped him decide his future. "There's no bitterness when I tell this story or no anger; it's just the way it is. I've been working in this business for a long time.

So you mentioned Kevin Owens and Jericho and we had the best story on the show for months. One of the original plans from Vince's (McMahon) mouth to my ears directly was the main event of WrestleMania, was going to be Jericho vs Owens for the world title, and Jericho wins the title, for the first time ever as a babyface.

I've never been a babyface world champion ever. Weird to think of it, right? Seven-time champion as a heel," Chris Jericho said.